What We Believe In

There are currently

0+ Students in NYC

And we believe that within that vast number of students is a sea of untapped potential.

Inner-city schools often lack the funding and resources to bring in outside topic educators and materials. We want to fill that gap and help teachers reach their students in new and engaging ways. With our teams of college-aged educators, we offer relatable perspectives on critical topics in today's world.

Our educators are researchers, students, and tinkerers within various STEM fields with a focus on alternative energy. Our workshops are carefully constructed to keep your students' attention and demonstrate simple take-home ideas. We're excited to help the students bring out the passion that we all know is in there!

A Few Of Us

Meet the Directors

Matthew Carbone

President, NYC Chapter

Matt is a Ph.D. candidate in the Reichman Group at Columbia University as a Computational Sciences Graduate Fellow studying theoretical condensed matter physics and machine learning. He is passionate about education, has taught over 10 unique classes/workshops as an undergraduate and graduate student, and believes educating the next generation is a fundamental responsibility of all scientists.

Natalia Gadjieva

Director, Classroom Scientist Program

Natalia is a Ph.D. candidate studying chemistry at Columbia University, where she designs atomically precise superatoms & performs fundamental research on organic superconductivity for applications in the semiconductor industry. Russian-born and Dutch-raised, education has propelled her across the globe and holds a special place in her heart.

Drew Schlaus

Director, Wind Energy Program

Drew is a Ph.D. candidate studying chemical physics at Columbia University where he leads interdisciplinary research projects for applications in semiconductor, optoelectronic, and computer technologies. He is engaged in facilitating renewable energy solutions through research, business, and outreach. He brings over a decade of teaching experience across various age groups from middle school to university ages, as well as experience training teachers in the California Reading and Learning Association tutoring techniques.

Sam Peurifoy

Founder & National President

Sam is a Ph.D. candidate studying chemistry at Columbia University as a National Defense Science & Engineering Fellow, where he creates organic and sustainable solutions for addressing the global energy crisis. He views science as a way for everyone to participate in making the world a better place, and seeks to build effective solutions to support science education.